First stop, Linville Falls. Word to the wise (which we were not): get a trail map and take food and water! It is NOT a short hike. You WILL be sore the next morning, especially if you carry a two-year-old the entire way back from the falls to the car.

Linville Falls 1Linville Falls 2Linville Falls 3Linville Falls 4

Linville Falls, as pictured above.


Grandfather Mountain, as pictured below.

Grandfather Mt 1Grandfather Mt 2


Luckily, instead of a miles long hike as Linville Falls is, Grandfather Mountain was a terrifyingly skinny, windy, hairpin-turn road to the top.  The kind that makes me yell out every 20 seconds, “Ohmigosh! Look at that view! No, look at THAT view! Ohmigosh!” The kind that makes Ma cower, half-crying and half-laughing, as close to the center of the car and me as she can.  Have I mentioned she’s afraid of heights? As in, every time we cross a normal bridge she is terrified? I’m a horrible granddaughter.

Grandfather Mt 3Grandfather Mt 4

But so worth it, that super sketchy drive. My six-year-old is doing what the rest of us feel like doing at the top. Beauty beyond words. Beyond a photo. I don’t have a wide-angle lens; I didn’t even try.


And Christmas trees…for miles and miles and miles. One of these very trees sat in our living room this year. There wasn’t great cell phone service up here…maybe that’s why I loved it so much. Winking smile

Christmas Trees 2


Christmas Trees 4

Christmas Trees 5

Christmas Trees 3

Christmas Trees 6

Christmas Trees 1